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John Philip Wagner

The Paintings, Prints, and Books of artist John Philip Wagner

John Philip Wagner

The Paintings, Prints, and Books of artist John Philip Wagner

Welcome to Spiritland Galleries, Exhibitions, and Publications.

John Philip Wagner Art

Welcome to my website. Please explore my galleries by clicking on them below and you can watch my videos describing the stories behind my current paintings and techniques by clicking the Videos link in the navigation above.

Most paintings are for sale and you can contact me by using the Quick Contact forms at the bottom of each page.

Enjoy… and thank you for visiting. 

John Philip Wagner

Latest Painting Video

New! Paintings & prints are now available on eBay!

High quality 18″x 24″ canvas print versions of John’s paintings “George A. Custer,” “Annie Oakley,” “Red Cloud,” and “Buffalo Bill,” are all available now on our eBay store. 

Featured Art

All artwork is for sale. Please use our Quick Contact Form below for inquiries.


Americana paintings of historical American figures by John Philip Wagner.

Southwest Art

Native Spirits become visible and tangible in these paintings of the Southwest.

Journey to Spiritland

The latest Southwest artwork and paintings by John Philip Wagner including historic portraiture of the old west, Hopi Katsinas and landscapes.


Egyptian Art

The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Eqypt never ceased to exist or lose their energy as shown here.


Their spirits dominate the railways as “Ghost Trains” ruling deserted tracks in the mountains and valleys of the west.


The meta-physical world found through images of spiritual wonderment and mystery.

Painting Buffalo Bill

Please enjoy this video of Colorado artist John Philip Wagner talking about his painting of Buffalo Bill and some of the stories behind this painting.

Links of Interest

Click on the images below to visit websites featuring art by John Philip Wagner.

Pikes Peak Trolley Museum

See John’s Train exhibit at the Pikes Peak Trolley Museum in Colorado Springs.

Visit John’s eBay store for originals and prints for sale.

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